Cross-validation on Digits Dataset Exercise

A tutorial exercise using Cross-validation with an SVM on the Digits dataset.

This exercise is used in the 交叉验证生成器 part of the 模型选择: 选择合适的估计器及其参数 section of the 用于科学数据处理的统计学习教程.


import numpy as np
from sklearn.model_selection import cross_val_score
from sklearn import datasets, svm

digits = datasets.load_digits()
X =
y =

svc = svm.SVC(kernel='linear')
C_s = np.logspace(-10, 0, 10)

scores = list()
scores_std = list()
for C in C_s:
    svc.C = C
    this_scores = cross_val_score(svc, X, y, cv=5, n_jobs=1)

# Do the plotting
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
plt.figure(1, figsize=(4, 3))
plt.semilogx(C_s, scores)
plt.semilogx(C_s, np.array(scores) + np.array(scores_std), 'b--')
plt.semilogx(C_s, np.array(scores) - np.array(scores_std), 'b--')
locs, labels = plt.yticks()
plt.yticks(locs, list(map(lambda x: "%g" % x, locs)))
plt.ylabel('CV score')
plt.xlabel('Parameter C')
plt.ylim(0, 1.1)

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